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英亚体育app下载_as Chinas internet companies increasingly go abroad,their famously competitive,in-your-face attitude is following。中国互联网公司An advertisement posted this month on A YouTube account that promotes we chat in south Africa makes fun of Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg这个月,YouTube的一个账号发布了在南非宣传微信(wechat)的广告。

这个广告接连地与Facebook创始人马克扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)开玩笑。如果想交给正确的朋友,Facebook上最差的竞争对手微信,即中国互联网集团腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings Ltd .)约35秒的这则广告,也刊登在2012年末创立以来大幅发布微信广告的Facebook网站上。In the commercial,a character named mark,sporting tousled curly hair that looks an awful lot like zuckerbergs,whines to a therapistI invented the social network,and now my friends,theyre unfriending me。

在这个商业广告中,一个叫马克的人把一头蓬乱的金发摊开,看起来像扎克伯格。广告中的马克指责一位治疗师说,他发明了这个社交网络,但现在他的朋友们都停止了和他的亲密关系。In a german-accented response,the therapist tells Mark to use we chats location-based Friend radar function,Which he says will helphim这位从广告中学习德国口音的治疗师要求将标记用于微信雷达特朋友功能。



”Launched in early 2011,we chat currently has 355 million monthly active users,mostly in south Africa,Its locked in a battle frica2011年初英亚体育app下载在网上微信南非,微信(WhatsApp)在2月份与Facebook耗资190亿美元收购的即时通讯软件Whatsapp争夺市场主导权。in a second video also posted to The site,The same german therapist is confronted by lawyers sent by mark,Who ve apparently been dispatched to在某种程度上,发表在yyy上的治疗师问道。“哦,马克,你的愤怒只是呼救的大声声音。

他回答说,不要担心,可以找到用微信动画表达感情的方法。last year Tencent said it would spend as much as $ 200 million to promote we chat outside China,and this year,The company signaled that it去年腾讯回应说,为海外营销微信用途投资了至少2亿美元。

今年腾讯似乎要为今后的微信展示付费。据消息人士透露,腾讯试图收购WhatsApp,但并不顺利。In south Africa,wechat continues to trail whatsapp,ranking as the sixth and eighth most popular apps on iphone and Android phones,reses which in the past have been confused by users . according to Arthur gold stuck,Managing director of south African technology research company wook 这个以扎克伯格为靶子的广告可以帮助用户区分这两个应用程序,过去很多用户把微信和Whatsapp混为一谈。

2013年2月,南非技术研究公司World Wide Worx理事长Goldstuck表示,2013年2月占领微信南非市场时,许多潜在用户感到困惑,Itunes错误地制造了WhatsApp。our understanding is that whatsapp downloads grew by 50% in the two months after we chat was launched here.indicating that there is confuse The two,Mr. Goldstuck said。戈德斯塔克解释说,在微信南非市场发售两个月后,WhatsApp的下载量减少了50%,用户混淆了这两个应用程序。


In an interview last year、Brett loubser、who heads we chats marketing in south Africa、Said that heard about users being confused about微信南非市场部负责人罗伯特卢浮宫(Brett Loubser)去年拒绝媒体采访时做出了回应。用户们听了好奇,不知道WhatsApp和微信之间的差异。

他说竞争是一个非常热的环境。每个人似乎都梦想着沦为最受欢迎的应用程序。Asked to comment,Tencent said thurs day it was investigation whether the ad was in fact theirs。

记者周四寻求腾讯评价,腾讯表示正在调查该广告是否是腾讯所为。take-no-prisoner efforts to build market share are normal in Chinas internet sector . chief executives bicker publicly on social media AndThus far,Chinese companies like Tencent have been taking a quiet,Under-the-radar approach to investing outside China。

but if the tone of these ads are any indication,their marketing,at leach Might be starting to Get More Rancor ous。到目前为止,腾讯等中国互联网公司在开展海外扩张时仍处于高潮。



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